Bryan Broyles, the 2014 Georgia State Champion, opened Portal in December 2017 with more than 20 pinball machines and a dozen retro arcade games. It houses the most machines for public play in a single location in Georgia. Games are all set on free play and patrons pay by the hour or the day.

Broyles is well known in the pinball circles as a true pinball ambassador. He has directed the Pinvasion tournament at the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo for the last four years…


1    Derek Miazga
2    Chris Compton
3    Alex Ward
4    Mark Jarzewiak
5    Bryan Broyles
6    Scott Kutheis
7    Marcelo Campos Hazan
8    David Baum
9    Ray Smith
10    Will Krusa
11    Eric Fisher
12    Tony Pierce
13    Joe Walters
14    Charlie Gehlhaus
15    Mark McGuire
16    Craig Kubik

1    Chris Compton
2    Bryan Broyles
3    Ray Smith
4    Derek Miazga
5    Will Krusa
6    Eric Fisher
7    Tony Pierce
8   Scott Kutheis
9    Joe Walters
10    Charlie Gelhlhaus
11    Mark Jarzewiak
12    Alex Ward
13    Amanda Broyles

The final 16 are set for the Georgia state finals. We have OR, IL, NC, SC, TN and GA representing in our finals.

1 Scott Kutheis
2 Mark McGuire
3 Ray Smith
4 Chris Compton
5 Joe Walters
6 Derek Miazga
7 Tony Pierce
8 Mark Jarzewiak
9 Craig Kubik
10 Bryan Broyles
11 Eric Fisher
12 Marcelo Campos Hazan
13 Charlie Gehlhaus
14 David Baum
15 Alex Ward
16 Will Krusa

February 11th @ 12pm
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This years IFPA State Championship will be held February 13th in Duluth, GA. The wonderful John Schlarb is opening up his house for us to play.

The top 16 for this year

1st Scott Kutheis
2nd Chris Compton
3rd Ray Smith
4th David Baum
5th Bryan Broyles
6th Eric Fisher
7th Craig Kubik
8th Charlie Gehlhaus
9th Aaron Williams
10th Kevin Grillo
11th Robert Hay
12th Mark Jarzewiak
13th Matt Kiser
14th Marc Fleury
15th Lear Bunda
16th Mark Kiefert
SB Bryan Gratham

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