Play it forward
Lithia Springs, GA.
Practice starts at 11am

$25 entry fee that goes to the charity will get you 15 entries. No additional buy ins.
All money is going to the charity. Prize pool is sponsored

IFPA Sanctioned event
Play 10 games and all of them count. You will have 5 entries left to increase your score on any of the 10 games with a limited time to play them.

Top qualifier gets to pick a machine to remove from the finals.


Top X* (see below) will go on to play a double elimination bracket, best 2 of 3 games. Loser’s bracket is single elimination with the best 2 of 3 games.

Prize pool
1st place $300
2nd place $150
3rd place $50

Side tournament: NO IFPA POINTS
High score format and winner takes $100 prize for first place. All money is going to the charity. Prize pool is sponsored
More info on the side event soon
Prize pool may increase based on sponsorships.
Information is subject to change.

* X amount will be approximately half of the qualifiers. If 32 people or more show up we will take the top 16.
If 31 to 24 players show up we take the top 12 to the finals. 23 to 16 players only the top 8 will be taken to the finals.
This format insures that the qualifying games will count toward the new IFPA points system.
Sign up here so we know who all is coming:

1st    Chris Compton
2nd    Scott Kutheis
3rd    Bryan Broyles
4th    James Lawrence
5th    Ray Smith
6th    Matt Kiser
7th    Mark Kiefert
8th    Charlie Gehlhaus
9th    Jon Luetschwager
10th    Mark Jarzewiak
11th    Chad Hyatt
12th    John Schlarb
13th    Robert Hay
14th    Alex Ward
15th    Paul Salim
16th    Tony Teixeira

Saturday, January 3, 2015 at 1:00pm. Location Rome, GA.
Limited best of format. $30 entry gets you a set amount of entries for qualifying. No additional tickets will be sold. Then the top 8 move on for the PAPA style finals. We will have lots of great prizes. 1st prize autograph medallion set & entry into tournament to be held in March in Las Vegas with a chance to win a brand new pinball machine.“A minimum donation of $30 is required to register for the FWTG tournament. This will go to Coach Ditka’s Gridiron Greats Assitance Fund. Every player will receive a Gridiron Greats medallion as a memento of playing in the event and supporting the charity. ”

Join the event here:

Sunday, December 28 at 1:30pm.  Lithia Springs, GA 30122

This will be a benefit tournament for the Nichols Center ( Format TBD, but will be WPPR eligible with a side tourney as well. Most likely this will be a double elim/two-strikes or a mini-league format where everyone plays in groups of 3/4 people and play various games. Once a round is complete, everyone’s scores will be tallied and there will be a finals group of the top x # of people to play off against each other. I want it to be where people will have a minimum # of games to play and not feel too much pressure if they are in a group with some of the excellently talented players of the ATL (& beyond!).

Also every tournament I run, I take photos at since I am a photographer by trade. The winner will get a photo of them immortalized on a pinball trading card (main and side tourneys both). Here’s a photo of the front of the cards from the last tournament:

Gene X Hwang

You can join the event here:


$25 entry gets you get six tickets for the main and one entry into the side event.
Qualifying ends at 6pm then finals will start.

Entries will be 3 for $10 or 1 for $5
25% prize pool payout

All 8 games will be classic pinball machines.
Main event: 8 games available Best 6 games count.

Side Event: High Score wins no play offs
One game DMD pinball machine
1 for $2 or 3 for $5
This will end at 8pm.

Tentative games list:

Black Knight
Time Fantasy
Space Station
Abra Ca Dabra
Jumping Jack
Gottlieb Hulk

Side event: Iron Man

This will be a fun event with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Food and drinks will be provided, and we’ll have room in the fridge if you’d like to bring some beer. Party on!

IFPA Project Pinball Pingolf Fundraiser

July 19th in Atlanta

We will have food and drinks.I have not finalized which games will be used yet out of this list but will be announcing that and the holes shortly. It will be 9 holes and you will be able to buy in and try again to better your score. The event will start at 1pm but you will be able to come in anytime between 1pm and 7pm and tee off. We will stop selling rounds at 7pm but players who have purchased rounds can continue to play. This event will be worth 25 WPPR points (IFPA ranking) and a small cash prize.

$20 gets you 2 rounds to play. $10 for additional rounds. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Visit for more information about this organization.

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